1. Mrs Jamieson :)

    i think Daisy has worked really hard to be a part of P5 she has tried her BEST but she should also remember her homework

  2. my mum rocks and she cares about my homework:)

  3. Catriona Grant

    I am not sure if this is the correct forum, but just wanted to give feedback on the P3 School Trip to Abriachan this week. What a fantastic day for the children. My little one came back full of enthusiasm and LOTS of facts about forest life. I imagine the work to put together these field trips and make them full of learning is considerable. I would like to express my appreciation to both the team at the school and the parents who gave up their time.

  4. Well p7s your leavers assembly was amazing!!!! Wish you all good luck in secondary school. Can I just say a big thank you to Mrs jamieson and miss cunningham for everything they have done the past 2 years with ben. My 3 kids came to this school and the teachers are never forgotten. Thank you

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