INSET day reminder

Just a quick reminder that the school is closed to children on Monday 14th and Tuesday 15th September for staff INSET training.

School will re-open for pupils on Wednesday 16th September at the normal times. We discussed this with the children during our weekly assembly today.

Hope you all enjoy the long weekend and fingers crossed for a bit of sunshine.

Best wishes,

Miss Jamieson

Highland Shinty Sessions

Please see the attached flyer for information on Highland Shinty Sessions held at Bught Park. These are held on either a Wednesday or Saturday.

If interested contact information is at the bottom of the flyer.

New website

Hi everyone

At Inshes Primary School we are currently working on changing our website from this to another. Our class blogs can already be found on our new website which we will slowly transfer to over the next month. We are aiming for our new site to be fully operational from after the October Holiday, by which point this site won’t be used anymore.

As mentioned above the class blogs are already live on our new site which can be found by following this link:

You have the option to subscribe to our new site and get regular updates.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are having difficulty finding our new website.

Have a look at what the children have been working on!

Last week we shared what P1 and P2 have been doing since returning to school. This week we are sharing more photos to show what P3-P7 have been doing in class. As you can see they are working hard on lots of different activities. We have been making the most of the dry weather and you can see lots of their learning has taken place outdoors. Have a look at the pictures below ๐Ÿ™‚

P3 have been very busy with their Outdoor learning and shadow art work! Well done ๐Ÿ™‚
Primary 4 have been busy creating “Thinking Me” portraits to show their likes and interests.
P4/5 were working on their place value with natural materials.
P5 taking part in their healthy hearts outside.
Look at P6A’s beautiful art work. They have been looking at different character qualities. These are super ๐Ÿ™‚
P6B have been taking part in lots of fun games in their PE lessons. They have been developing their fitness as part of their Health and Wellbeing.
P7B class outside in the playground

P7A have been working hard in their maths work. They have been learning about 2D shapes using specific vocabulary and understanding that the radius is half of the diameter.

Updated advice from Scottish Government for symptoms of illness in children

Please see the latest advice from Jason Leitch, National Clinical Director, Scottish Governement. This supersedes the information on the flowchart issued last week.

School Lunches

Good news – our partition in the hall has now been fixed ๐Ÿ™‚

From Wednesday 2nd September we will also be able to have hot meal options served in the canteen as well as children choosing to bring in their own packed lunch.

There are a few menus on the Highland Council website so please follow the link below for the one we are using at the moment.

If you are paying money in for school dinners please make sure the envelope the money is in has your child’s name and class clearly labelled. This just helps Donald and the catering team in the kitchen process all the money coming in.

We have been so impressed with how well the children are following these new canteen routines – particularly our new P1 children! We continue to have a staggered lunch with nursery starting in the canteen next week. Second sitting – P1s come up in their classes, then P2, then P3 and P3s of P3/4. For the third lunch sitting we have P7 starting this week, then P6 classes, then P5, P4/5, P4 and P3/4. Next week it will be P4s and P5s that will have lunch first as we take it week about.

Child Flu vaccine forms

Final reminder that if you haven’t yet returned your child’s flu vaccine form, then it must be returned on Monday 31st August. We have also sent out text reminders to all parents.

We have been informed that late forms will not be accepted by the Immunisation Team.

Our Immunisation Day is Monday 21st September.

Thank You.

Week 3 round up!

Here are some photos of what Primary 1 and 2 children have been doing during their return to school. It has been a very busy few weeks back but it has been so lovely seeing the children enjoying being back with their friends and teachers. More photos will follow next week.

The Primary Ones have been continuing to learn new routines and experiences. This week they took part in a whole class healthy hearts walk around the school playground. We’ve been discussing the importance of taking care of our hearts.
Displaying IMG_20200828_115212.jpg
Primary 1B enjoyed their time outside!

โ€˜Primary 1/2 after a super Healthy Hearts run! Well done everyone.โ€™

P2 taking part in some outdoor learning with a maths focus. They were writing numbers in 1s as high as they could go as well as writing odd/even numbers in sequences. Well done everyone!

As we are trying to be outside as much as possible it is really important that all children have jackets with them at school, especially with the colder/wetter weather we have been having.

As you know our partition in the hall is currently broken. This is getting fixed on Monday which will mean that the hall is out of use over lunchtime. This means that on Monday we will be having our lunches back in class. From Tuesday we are hoping to move to hot meal options but this will obviously be dependent in being able to use the hall.

This week in assemblies we have been focusing on what makes a good friend and how to keep ourselves safe. As part of that we have been talking about our new routines in school. We have continued with our Star Awards and Birthday messages as part of our online assemblies but it has been lovely to have the children participating instead of having to do a recorded message.

I hope that you all have a lovely weekend,

Best Wishes,

Miss Jamieson

Fruity Friday Dress down day

You should have received a text reminder about this as well.

We are already at the final Friday of term and just like we used to do this means that we have a Dress Down Friday. For new P1 children and new families to the school this means that we don’t have to wear school uniform. We try to encourage children to be eating a piece of fruit for snack/lunch and then we dress down on the last Friday of every month.

Pack of happy fruit characters | Free Vector

Flu Immunisation letters

Please can you make sure that you have returned the flu immunisation letters that were issued last week. The final date for returning these is Friday 28th August.

They are then being collected by the Immunisation Team. Only children who have taken back the letter will be able to have this as permission must be given by parents. Our date for when they will be carrying out the Flu programme at Inshes is Monday 21st September 2020.