Welcome back!

We hope that you all had a lovely holiday and it was nice to see the children back today.

This Friday (30th October) will be our usual dress down day for the last Friday of the month. However children may also wish to dress up in fancy dress. It is entirely optional but I know that the children will be missing our usual Autumn disco where we dress up and we thought this would be something fun instead.

Just a reminder to please make sure children have appropriate clothing for the weather as it has been very wet lately. Jackets, change of shoes, socks would be really appreciated. Children can keep their socks and shoes in their schools bags in the classrooms.

We have also been informed today that there are some children in the local area who have been playing ‘Chicken’ on the roads. This is obviously not only dangerous for themselves but also for the drivers, especially as the nights are darker and it is harder to see. We will be reminding children of the road safety messages in school and I have also been in contact with our local community police. They have also said that they have increased patrols in the local area to monitor this situation. We are also hoping to have them join one of our online assemblies in the future. Please could you also discuss these important safety messages with your child/children so that we can help ensure we keep everyone safe.

Road Safety Week 2020 - National Awareness Days Calendar 2020 & 2021
Road safety week is 16th -22nd November

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