Have a look at what the children have been working on!

Last week we shared what P1 and P2 have been doing since returning to school. This week we are sharing more photos to show what P3-P7 have been doing in class. As you can see they are working hard on lots of different activities. We have been making the most of the dry weather and you can see lots of their learning has taken place outdoors. Have a look at the pictures below πŸ™‚

P3 have been very busy with their Outdoor learning and shadow art work! Well done πŸ™‚
Primary 4 have been busy creating “Thinking Me” portraits to show their likes and interests.
P4/5 were working on their place value with natural materials.
P5 taking part in their healthy hearts outside.
Look at P6A’s beautiful art work. They have been looking at different character qualities. These are super πŸ™‚
P6B have been taking part in lots of fun games in their PE lessons. They have been developing their fitness as part of their Health and Wellbeing.
P7B class outside in the playground

P7A have been working hard in their maths work. They have been learning about 2D shapes using specific vocabulary and understanding that the radius is half of the diameter.

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