School Lunches

Good news – our partition in the hall has now been fixed 🙂

From Wednesday 2nd September we will also be able to have hot meal options served in the canteen as well as children choosing to bring in their own packed lunch.

There are a few menus on the Highland Council website so please follow the link below for the one we are using at the moment.

If you are paying money in for school dinners please make sure the envelope the money is in has your child’s name and class clearly labelled. This just helps Donald and the catering team in the kitchen process all the money coming in.

We have been so impressed with how well the children are following these new canteen routines – particularly our new P1 children! We continue to have a staggered lunch with nursery starting in the canteen next week. Second sitting – P1s come up in their classes, then P2, then P3 and P3s of P3/4. For the third lunch sitting we have P7 starting this week, then P6 classes, then P5, P4/5, P4 and P3/4. Next week it will be P4s and P5s that will have lunch first as we take it week about.

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